Why You Should Not Depend on AI Tools for Content Marketing

When in November 2022, Open AI launched ChatGPT, it instantly created a storm in the industry. Within a week of its launch, the registered users’ numbers reached the one million marks. It is certainly one of the most popular AI-generated content tools at any given time. Apart from ChatGPT, Bard is also a Google-generated AI tool for conversational language. Although using AI tools is fun. However, many backdrops exist for using AI content to market their business. Popular agencies offering content marketing services in San Francisco have shared their expert reviews in this regard.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an interesting AI-generated tool for creating content. It is famous for creating original content after doing an in-depth analysis of users’ commands. It can help you create content in bulk orders. Hence, businesses can get benefits from ChatGPT when they can use it intelligently. AI tools are impressive and immersive with today’s technology.


What is Bard?

It is not new information that Google has been investing millions of dollars and years of experiments in creating innovative AI tools. Bard is an AI chatbot by Google. It provides conversational service that supports the creativity and curiosity of users. It is going to change how users see and behave with search engine platforms. Google is certainly the largest knowledge hub. Incorporating it with an AI tool that is experimental, innovative, and curious. The most impressive feature of this tool is that it is able to find patter in users’ dialogue. Hence, you will get better results than just copy-pasting information from the web.


There is no doubt that these AI tools are good at their proposed job. It effectively makes your lives easy and managing your business a smoother experience.


Here is a list of benefits these AI tools provide—

  • ChatGPT is a cheaper option when you want to create bulk content.
  • It is fast and smooth and creates smart content that offers originality.
  • It can help you bring new inspiration to your content strategy when you feel stuck.
  • There will be no grammar or spelling mistakes in the writing.
  • ChatGPT can provide insights that can give new ideas on creating specific content.
  • Bard AI can help to simplify the answer to your searches to make it easy to be understood by the users.


If there are so many benefits to using ChatGPT, why do Digital marketing agencies ask people not to depend on these AI tools?


Quantity is not everything:

You need content in bulk order, so give ChatGPT a try. Well, it can be beneficial, as seen for the very first. However, it will not bring the best result necessarily. A bigger volume of content published on your website can even hurt the organic traffic to your website. Bulk content in poor quality is a worse marketing strategy than lesser content in high quality.


Incorrect information:

Search engines prefer data that are accurate. However, ChatGPT’s database is limited to that of 2021. Hence, for trending topics, the information provided by ChatGPT will be incorrect. And uploading outdated information will not bring a better rank for your website in SERP.


Failed to answer complex queries:

Not every question you need to write is simple and holds a direct answer. Depending on the topic, it can be complex. ChatGPT is still not ready to answer those complex ideas. Hence, only depending on AI tools can harm your business.


Not getting unique content:

Both you and your competitors are using this AI-generated content tool. Then how can you ensure that the content you are uploading is fresh and unique? The answer is that there is no way to be assured about the content’s uniqueness. To get creative and uniquely curated content, you need to have a dedicated content creators’ team.


Failing to master the tool:

To get the best result from AI tools, you need to master how it is used. But it requires time and knowledge. Not everyone has that much time to invest in learning how to operate these tools on their best behavior. However, this lack of knowledge can end up hurting the quality of the outcome of these tools.


Final words:

These disadvantages clearly show you why you should not use AI-generated content tools for the entire content marketing strategy. E-Web Media offers high-quality content marketing services in San Francisco. Our content-creating team will personally discuss the requirements of the content for your business. It enhances the result with better output. Talk to our executives for more information.