Understand Buyers’ Persona With A Digital Marketing Company

Well, finding the buyer’s persona helps businesses to target the best audience more effectively. Although the seniors find Millennials and Gen Zers to be generations of irresponsible lads and ladies, they serve a different purpose for businesses. Multiple surveys have found that younger demographics are impressively challenging the traditional notions of the buyer’s guide. The Best digital marketing company in Florida runs deep surveys to find insights into potential buyers’ persona to ensure companies get the best revenue through their marketing campaigns.

Understand the buyer’s persona:

The survey has shown that 64% of business purchase influencers were born in or after 1981. The main reason behind it is that Millennials serve as the largest audience base, which stakes at 57%.


Here, in this article, we are discussing these two types of buyers’ persona and what makes them unique for your businesses.


Generations tend to have an influence in creating, editing, and modifying the buyer’s persona. It slowly yet strongly leaves an impact on business buying behaviour. That’s why it is extremely important for businesses to understand their potential buyers, and the section holds the best chances to turn into action and paid customers. Digital marketing services plays a crucial role in analyzing the factors that make a difference between different audience group. When a business gets the answer of when a buyer is turning towards the business, they start contemplating more about their buyers and their marketing strategies.


According to the survey, when anyone born in or after 1981 makes any purchase, they fall under the younger buyers category. Similarly, anyone born between 1946 and 1980 is an older buyer. Through the survey, you also can find that in the next two years, more than one-third of younger buyers will purchase through self-guided digital channels. Also, the younger generation chooses to transact through internal app stores, external marketplaces, or app stores and vendor websites.


We have also seen that younger generations prefer to conduct purchases independently. They mostly rely on third-party verified research throughout their buying journeys. However, it becomes different for older buyers. The older buyers find first-party insights more trustworthy. Specifically, younger buyers indicated that the most impactful sources for generating information are:

What younger buyers choose:

  • Technology information websites (47%);
  • Forums (42%);
  • Industry websites (38%).

By contrast, older buyers pointed to:

  • In-person vendor sales;
  • Peers; and
  • Vendor websites.

Final words:

Younger buyers are more critical. They love to go deep about any business before making any active purchase. However, they are the ones who prefer taking online services or ordering online products more actively and taking online shopping as their hobby. However, older buyers are more inclined to traditional methods of marketing., but when they find one good company offering online services, they tend to stick to that. E-Web Media is the best digital marketing company in Florida to help your business get the best buyer insight more easily. We are also famous for creating campaigns based on your business’s potential consumers.