Top Reasons Why Social Marketers Ask to Repurpose Content

If you run social media, then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to produce content regularly. Even we know that producing content for social media can get expensive quickly when you handle it in-house or outsource it to content creators. When you repurpose any content, be it video, text, or images, you get some extra value from it. A Social media marketing agency in Chicago plays a vital role in creating, editing or repurposing content for clients to bring the best result.

Learn the reasons for repurposing content:

From turning a single image into something new or editing multimedia content to multiple social media posts without having to produce entirely new creatives, repurposing content has a lot of benefits. If you take social media services in Chicago, an expert marketing agency will guide you through the thick and thin of repurposing content.

Here we have given you some of the reasons for using old content as fresh ones.

  • Although, it is good news for your marketing budget. Also, your content team will not get tired. However, you also have to take care of your audience’s interest. You might be targeting to solve some common issues of your audience. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all resonate with your content in the same way. For example, some people are more visual, whereas others may prefer textual content a lot.


  • As a business, you must remember when it comes to SEO, the quality and quantity of your content are the number one priority. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must develop new content from scratch to bring results. Especially if you have older, highly relevant content that contains backlinks, you must repurpose it. Repurposing content will feel like fresh content and provide equal value. It will give you a head start over newer competitor pages with no backlinks.


  • We all are well aware of the Google algorithm of E-A-T. Repurposing old content falls with E-A-T statistics correctly. When you fix your old content with more relevant information, it improves your E-A-T. It’ll help you become an expert on the topic.


  • During repurposing content, you get new chances to attract new customers. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to target the right keywords. You gain backlinks even with technically your old content. Even it will help you rank higher on Google since your older pages have already been crawled by Google. It means that your repurposed content will have a better chance to rank on SERP. It means that you won’t need to worry about having your new content indexed and wasting your crawl budget.


  • Using Google Analytics to make data-driven statistics is what is practised by most businesses. Whether you should improve or repurpose your content, the context will be the same.


  • For example, you can look at metrics such as traffic, engagement, social shares, and ranking. When it generates high-quality links and conversions, you will get the benefit of repurposing content. For example, if your content gets consistent traffic, it has earned some valuable shares. However, when it has below-average engagement, it may need an update or refresh. Whereas if an article receives little to no traffic, it may need a complete rewrite.

Wrapping it here:

If you are also looking forward to repurposing your old content, reach out to us today. E-Web Media is the social media marketing agency in Chicago to learn more about enhancing your content, creating new content, improving your rankings, or anything else in digital marketing! Our experienced digital marketers are eager to help you smash your goals and reach the top.