Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For In 2023

If you are running a business in 2023, there is a higher chance of having a mobile application dedicated to your business. In the past few years, a mobile app has been an integral part of a successful marketing funnel. Through mobile apps, reaching customers becomes easier. As a user, we all have noticed the flooded notifications from the installed apps on our phones. These notifications are mostly for new features, the latest deals, and personalized coupons. Hence, active and potential consumers often open the app just to check the real-time offers, products, and services. An Affordable App Development Agency in Chicago can help build a creative app that fulfils all the purposes of a business.

In short, to run a business more successfully, you need a mobile app. However, the competition is too high even in the app development field. A study shows that the combined number of apps in Google and Apple stores is around 6.7 million. Hence, you can understand how tough it can be to launch a new app and make it popular among its target consumers. Poor development and not having enough features can make an app fail regardless. For that, you need to track and understand the latest technology used in mobile apps. The trend in technology says what you should include in your upcoming app. Implementing the latest features helps an app stand out among crowds.


5 Mobile App Development Trends In 2023:


Here we have informed the top 5 app development trends that are going to stay in 2023. Learn them well, and make sure you implement that in the arriving app related to your business.


5G is now a reality:


Well, we are slowly moving over from 4G and gradually adapting to 5G technology. In 2023, the expected number of smartphones enabling 5G technology will be around 660 million. Hence, if you are running an app or thinking of launching one, ensure that the app is 5G-ready. Here are a few things consumers will expect from an app that will function smoothly with a 5G connection.


  • The latency will reduce to 1 millisecond in 5G compared to 50 milliseconds in 4G.
  • Video streaming apps will be faster than before. With higher resolution, less latency, and smooth performance, video apps need to be improved significantly.
  • Through 5G technology, the latest app features can be developed without affecting its performance.
  • Online payment gateway will be safer and faster.


Get ready for AR & VR:


Big brands like Ikea and L’Oreal have already used AR features in their apps. Thus, their potential consumers can check their products and have a virtual experience of using that. It helps customers a lot in making better decisions. The real-time views of Google are a super success which lets users watch the traffic direction at the current time. Mobile phone companies like Apple have introduced LiDAR technology in their products. This technology helps to measure the distance of objects and create AR environments with the help of cameras. Hence, it is also important that you also develop the app keeping all these things in mind. The mobile app development services in Chicago are well aware of these trends. Hence, they will be able to suggest & develop the best features for your app.


Smart devices are not only usable, but they are also wearable:


Well, it is true that wearable devices are already rising in popularity. In 2023, wearable devices will be around 929 million in numbers. Hence, you can guess that ensuring your app can be run on these wearable devices means that you reach 929 million people effectively. This will certainly provide an edge over your competitors who are still not on this trend. If a well-developed app can be accessed through wearable devices, the digital experience becomes smoother for the users. Being all-time busy, it is hard to reciprocate all the offers and notifications from apps. But now, people can check out the latest offers from your brand during their evening walk.


Order grocery online:


The concept of grocery delivery apps is not new. Food and grocery delivery apps are now people’s favorite. America has seen a rise in digital grocery sales, and it is expected to reach the $60 billion mark in 2023. This little statistic is enough to launch another grocery delivery app if you already run an e-commerce store. In 2023, 48% of US grocery shoppers order little to most of their groceries online. Launching an app with a secured payment gateway, smooth design, and functionality will help you to stand out in the fierce competition of the internet marketplace.


Mobile app security will be the top priority:

Cyber security is always the talk of the town. As many people are getting dependent on apps and devices, the chance of security breaches is also getting higher. However, in 2023, businesses will focus on creating and developing apps that protect consumer data and provide better protection against cyber threats. For example, Apple has already moved forward from passwords log-in to passkeys in iCloud Chain. It will become more secure, and there will be less chance of hacking and stealing passwords. While developing new mobile apps, you must maintain the best security possible to protect your consumers’ data.


Wrapping it here:


If you are also in business and want to launch a mobile app to expand the services, then you must take help from professionals. There is an affordable app development agency in Chicago, like us, that will guide you in creating an app that is creative and purposeful. E-Web Media maintains a team of experienced app developers. We listen to our clients and deliver the best solution possible. Also, we always follow trends to remain relevant in the business. Talk to our executive team for more information.