Should You Use AI Tools For Content Development Services?

Content development services are one of the primary tools to ensure a brand’s success. While promoting a business in an online marketing place, people need to pay extra attention to the published content. Fresh and unique content which offers value to the readers is only accepted by the most popular search engine. Google bots are highly efficient in detecting spinning content and marking it as spam. However, people always find new ways to generate content avoiding direct manual intervention. AI tools like ChatGPT have become extremely popular in producing top-quality content. Although, there are many factors that a business owner must know before using AI tools for content development services in San Francisco.

AI-generated content is now widely used. In Nov 2022, OpenAI introduced an AI Tool called ChatGPT. It is a generative pre-trained transformer that works brilliantly to create content. This language model creates relatable content with details that align more with the previous words. Thus, the content created by ChatGPT serves a better purpose and wider range of styles. And most of the average website visitors might not be able to identify if the content is AI-generated. Often it becomes a more affordable and the fastest way to publish content on any website or other platforms. That’s why many people find it a beneficial process. However, there still are many impacts of using AI-generated content to promote your business.


The reality of AI-generated content development services: 


Here we have discussed a few things that you must know before you start using AI content for your business. There is no certain answer to using or avoiding content created by artificial intelligence. But discussing and analyzing the grey area is also extremely crucial before opting for it.


AI content can be detected:


You already know the risk of using plagiarized or spun content on your website. Google bots, once identified, can declare the website content as spam. A business can lose its credibility too. AI tools are very smart to avoid detection. That’s why, on many websites, there is spun content published. But soon, Google bots can detect it, and it is labeled as spam. If you have created content through AI robots, you surely get well-crafted content. But this content is not curated through users’ personal experiences. Thus, the content loses its credibility and provides zero value to users. Also, this AI-tools written content shows unique ratings in Gunning-Fog Index and Flesch Index scores.


AI-generated content is not SEO-friendly:


The Best SEO agency in USA always sticks to providing content that is SEO-friendly. In the case of AI tools developing content, it lacks 4 basic criteria. High-quality SEO contents are personalized and free from any plagiarism. But often, AI tools lack an in-depth understanding of SEO. Thus, the content produced by these tools doesn’t have the required readability and value for users. Hence, experts don’t recommend using AI-produced content if you want to make your website content highly SEO-friendly.


Watermarking is still there:


If you think that the content is grammar-ready enough to beat the Gunning-Fog Index and Flesch Index scores, don’t be too relaxed. Google has other ways to detect if the content just does not satisfy Google’s helpful content update. Tools like ChatGPT leaves a watermark while producing content. It is a type of roadmap technology to detect certain kinds of punctuation and word choices. When a person writes, there is no such thing as possible word choices. However, for ChatGPT, it is evident by the invisible watermarking. Google looks for cryptography in which the watermarking is hidden. Thus, it finds out which content is AI-generated.


It lacks up-to-date information:


Google asks businesses to put the latest information on their blogs and websites. It often becomes an issue for AI-generated content. Most of the tools use a database of previous years to create content. For example, ChatGPT uses the 2021 September database to produce content. Hence, whenever content requires the latest information, it falls short. The output becomes less current. Thus, google doesn’t pick up that content over other much relevant and recent content. It becomes a backdrop to promote your business through internet marketing.


It is not perfect:


Often these tools created content with pre-set criteria: positive, helpful, and reliable. But to create positive content, AI changes the tone of the actual content, which needs to have a more subtle or neutral outlook. Thus, it becomes way different and less reliable than actual incidents or news. When you use robot-generated content, you can’t have a unique trone on your website or other platforms, which is undoubtedly a primary requirement to promote a business.


So, you know that AI-generated content might be good. But to thrive in this fierce marketplace, a business requires efficient and reliable content development services in San Francisco. The Best Digital Marketing Company in San Francisco, like ours, has a team of talented content writers and copywriters to produce specific and targeted content. Thus, a website never faces backlash when google bots crawl the content in it. Talk to us for more information.