The activity of ensuring the highest quality in the development process, which also covers the delivery of services and products, is referred to as Quality Assurance or QA. QA also tries to improve processes so that all of its clients and consumers receive the highest quality services and goods. The basic goal of QA is to save money, time, and effort while maintaining the service or product’s standard quality. Testing and Quality Assurance budgets are reportedly raised by 9% each year, according to a variety of studies. As a result, QA experts are in high demand in the automation software testing field. Our Quality Assurance skill upgrade module has been created by industry specialists and will assist you in establishing a professional career in this field.


The latest industrial approaches of QA Selenium Automation testing are covered in the Net perform Corp QA skill improvement course. This QA Selenium Testing procedure is used to identify any software program’s potential faults or bugs. In this testing method, the QA expert is always present in the end-user, ensuring that all of the application’s procedures and features are functioning properly. The goal of this skill upgrades course is to provide you with the in-depth knowledge you’ll need to be a successful QA expert in the IT market. Furthermore, this comprehensive skill improvement course covers topics such as QA Fundamentals, Selenium Automation Testing, Selenium Automation Frameworks, and more.


Our QA skill upgrade course, on the other hand, contains a complete skill test that assesses the candidates’ knowledge of the subject. This QA skill upgrade course has no prerequisites and does not require any prior IT or coding knowledge. The sole requirement is a strong willingness to learn how to use the QA Selenium Automation approach to execute testing.

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