Targeted Keywords

    5 Keywords

    10 Keywords

    20 Keywords

    Keyword Research & Selection of targeted key phrases Yes Yes Yes
    Full Website Analysis – Content/ Performance Yes Yes Yes
    Meta Tags setup, Titles, Header structure. Yes Yes Yes
    Competitive Analysis (Global & Targeted Demography) N/A Yes Yes
    Search Console & Google Analytics Setup and Optimization Yes Yes Yes
    Sitemap page creation Yes Yes Yes
    Sitemap xml (for Google and Bing submission) Yes Yes Yes
    Proper interlinking structure/ Bread Crumb N/A N/A Yes
    Broken Link fixation N/A N/A Yes
    Schema Code Implementation N/A Yes Yes
    Website Code Optimization N/A Yes Yes
    Url canonical issue Yes Yes Yes
    html / css validation / Speed / mobile N/A N/A Yes
    404 Error issue Yes Yes Yes
    Incoming links analysis N/A Yes Yes
    Core Web Vitals Optimization N/A N/A Yes
    Own Blog posting 1 2 4
    Websites Content Revamp N/A Yes Yes
    Link Building, Backlinks Creation
    Business Listing 5 8 12
    Review posting 5 5 5
    Profile Creation 5 10 10
    Bookmarking 5 8 10
    Web 2.0 Submission 0 1 4
    Forum Posting N/A 5 5
    Guest Posting/Paid Posting N/A N/A 2 **
    Press Release N/A 1 2
    Article Submission N/A 2 10
    Social Media Packages
    Identify Business Goals Yes Yes Yes
    Account Management Any 2 Platform Any 3 Platform 5 platforms
    Create Social Media Calendar Yes Yes Yes
    Create a Social Content Strategy Yes Yes Yes
    Identify Hashtags Yes Yes Yes