Manage Google Business Profile For Better Local SEO Results

Local SEO services can bring more footfall to your business. There is no doubt about that. That’s why reputed digital marketing agencies ask companies to maintain a business profile on Google to increase the company’s online visibility. Google My Business is one of the free tools that is highly acknowledged by all businesses. When you want to target your local consumers to expand your business, there is nothing works better than opting for local SEO services in Chicago.

GMB is a free profile that a business can create for itself to upload information about its services, location, timing, and pictures to establish its authentication in the online marketplace. Whenever a user performs a search about relevant services, Google will showcase your business profile to them. It helps immensely to increase the online visibility of any service provider.

Learn to manage Google My Business:

This article explains how you should manage your Google My Business profile to get the best result from local SEO services. You must know how you can manage a GMB profile smoothly to your advantage to get the required benefit from it.


Verify your business:

Many people have opted for Google My Business. However, it doesn’t bring the result they have aimed for. The reason behind it is that they haven’t verified the business yet. One of the very first tasks you must do is verify your business accounts. After you finish creating the profile, you need to verify it. Otherwise, the profile will not be searchable. There are multiple ways to verify a business. You can use your phone or email or choose to receive the verification code via postcard. Also, there are other options like video recording or doing a live video call to show proof of the business. It can be tricky when you don’t have enough support. That’s why you can hire the Best digital marketing company in Chicago to create, verify, and manage the GMB profile for your business.


Finish the profile creation:

After verifying the profile, you must finish the creation of it by filling up all the necessary details. There are many fields that you can skip. However, you must include the correct information for every relevant field. Google prefers businesses that invest their precious time in filling up the entire form. The goal is not just about creating a business profile in Google. You must aim to create the profile without any mistakes. Using photos, addresses, names, and contact details of the business is necessary. Also, including website links and service area details must not be ignored.


Ensure NAP consistency:

You must include the correct information in the GMB profile. However, it is not enough to ensure consistency in a company’s identity in the local directories. You must give importance while including the name, address, and phone number of the business. It is called NAP consistency. You must follow it throughout the online marketplace, wherever there is an existence of your business. Also, you must use the same NAP information used on all the social media profiles of your business. In cases of multiple business locations, you must make separate location pages on your website. And you must follow the same NAP information throughout the website.


Put the latest relevant categories:

In Google My Business, you must mention all the categories you serve. However, many people include all the categories. Among those, there remain some inactive services as well. If you want to get the most benefits from a GMB profile, you must mention the relevant and active categories only. There are thousands of choices available. Hence, you can find all the suitable types from your industry. Make sure that you include only the active services you are offering.


Upload pictures that are semi-formal in tone:

Pictures are essential to establish a business’s legitimacy. It provides a direct insight into your business. However, what kind of pictures do you upload that influence how people perceive your business? To build trust, Google prefers those companies that upload semi-professional images. Rather than just showing empty offices and people working on the floor, people want to see clear team photos and unique facility photos of a business. It improves the business ranking.


Final words:

This is how you should manage your Google My Business profile to escalate your business’s online visibility. If you want to take local SEO services in Chicago, E-Web Media is the best place for you. We offer complete digital marketing solutions to promote business on the internet. Talk to our executives to know what campaigns will work best for your company