Learn How PPC Marketing Works and Why You Need It

Being google is the best and most significant search engine, every business owner wants to run an ad for their services on the platform. Billions of people visit Google to search for different inquiries. From searching for the correct answer to a math question to making enquiry about the best IELTS course or shop for suitable shoes, people use Google extensively. Thus, business understands that grabbing the advantage of Google ad is one of the best ways to reach a more extensive consumer base. Paid ads are an effective way to increase quality traffic to your website. Useful PPC Marketing Services help you to run strategic google ads campaigns to help businesses expand.

Google ads and their whereabouts:

Google has a PPC platform where businesses can place paid ads. These ads will be shown on SERP or on other places like websites. Before 2018, this paid advertising platform used to be known as Google AdWords. But after that, the parent company rebranded its services and is now popular as Google Ads.


The concept is quite simple. However, the algorithm and other factors working behind it are not simple at all. People visit the search engine to search for something. When someone puts a keyword related to some products and services in the search bar, many results are published in the SERP. These results have the same keywords as the query. If you notice carefully, these results often include some paid advertisements. These ads belong to different ad campaigns run by Google.


When the SERP opens, you may notice a bunch of advertisement flashes at the beginning of the page. If you have a company selling a certain product, then bagging a place in the ad section is important. The reason behind it is that only the first few ads will get the highest number of clicks. That’s why advertisers try to bid for the first few places on the ad sections.


These places have high competition in the marketplace. Different marketers selling similar products target the same keywords. Now, getting your ad published on those keywords has become tough. This is why you need to take high-quality PPC services in the USA to ensure your ad gets published.


There are different types of google ads performed in the industry. Depending on your goal and business requirements, you can choose any ad style from these categories. Here is a list of popular google ads:


  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • App install ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads


How Google ads perform:

The PPC model is the base of Google ads. Whenever a consumer clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays a certain amount to the host of the platform. This is the generic concept of running a Google ad. But how do you know that your ad is going to be published? It depends on a lot of factors. To understand that better, you first need to understand the procedure of publishing a Google ad.


Whenever there is a place open for advertisement on any specific keywords, businesses start competing for that place. Google has determined a specific cost for that place. Companies bid according to their requirements for the ad place. For example, you are bidding for the keyword place ‘buy best smart tv online.’ Suppose Google has set up a cost per click at $3. If you have bid for $2, then you are not going to get the bidding. However, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Depending on the most suitable bidding, one business wins the auction.


For the best result, businesses always choose to run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms as well as in search engines. Google paid ads are very effective to target a new consumer base who do similar keyword searches. But paid social ads eventually reach those users who are searching for similar things. Facebook and other social media platform suggest its users’ products and services that they have shown interest in previously. However, Google’s algorithm is based on keyword searches. Although, both paid ad campaigns are extremely beneficial to expand the business and grab quality consumers.


Google ads also help you in fixing the budget for your ad campaign. Since you need to pay the platform a certain amount of money whenever there is a click, deciding how much you want to pay is extremely important. Here, you can set a maximum daily budget. This money will be deducted consistently whenever your ad receives a click.


You need to pay google money in three different categories because it runs an ad for your business.


  • At first, you need to pay a fixed amount to the hosting platform whenever there is a click. It is called cost per click or


  • Then, whenever there are 1000 impressions on your ad, you must pay a distinct amount to the platform. One clicks on the ad is considered one impression. This is called cost per mile or


  • However, if a visitor performs a certain action on your ad, there is a fee you must pay. Cost per engagement or CPE is a cost deducted from the budget amount of a business for running an ad campaign. Here, the actions might be as specific as signs up for a list.


The factors to get a better ad place:

If you wonder how you can get a better ad place in auctions, here are a few tips for you.


  • PPC marketing is not only bidding-related. Bidding more money never guarantees to win in the auction.


  • The competition for the keyword is an extremely crucial factor. Getting a good ad place will be tough if you choose a highly common keyword.


  • The quality of the ad content is one of the biggest factors that decide who will win the bid. Even if you have placed a higher bid with poor content, you will certainly not get the ad placed.


Importance of google ads in business:  

Using and analyzing the data provided by Google ads gives a business insight into the industry. There are many reasons why a business should use google ads for their business.


  • Google ads are one of the most effective tools for creating lead generation. If you can set a strategic campaign specifically for a certain group of consumers, it can eventually reach the target. It always focuses on the target. Hence, getting leads through these ad campaigns is extremely easy.


  • You can discover more about the market your business is operating. Even when you lose an auction, you can study the winning campaign and measure the result. You will get a better understanding of the audience market and consumer behaviour. Thus, you can change the strategy of your business depends on that.


  • In other types of ad campaigns, advertisers always pay a certain amount of money. Even when an ad brings no leads, the business has to pay for them. But in Google ad campaigns, you only pay for the ads that receive clicks. Until there is no click, you don’t pay anything. Thus, it becomes a more cost-effective solution for marketing your products.


  • Paid ads hold better possibilities of getting a better return on your investment. Google ads provide people with a better ROI. Since you can stop your marketing at any moment and track its performance throughout, business gets the upper hand while doing google ads campaigns.


Google ads are certainly one of the most powerful ad campaigns. Businesses can use it to their advantage to bring more lead generation. Depending on your product or service, you can select one ad campaigns to start with. E-Web Media is a reputed PPC company in the USA. Contact us if you are looking for expert assistance to run ad campaigns for your business. We have a team of experienced Digital Marketers who have the skills and knowledge to analyze the market and design the strategy accordingly.