Importance Of An Optimized Footer For Web Design

Whenever we talk about web design, a footer is one of the most neglected elements in a website. Many people don’t understand its importance. Thus, they never put enough significance while creating the website’s footer section. But missing functionality and a great design in the footer section often cost businesses a more significant opportunity to grab visitors’ attention. Affordable web design in San Francisco services can help businesses by designing and creating a footer section that provides value for its audience.

What is a footer?

A website footer is the bottom section of the web pages. In general, you can find a few buttons here. For example, a footer may contain all the page links of the website. Apart from that, you can also find copyright notices, privacy policy, contact information, social media icons and a sign-up form for an email subscription. One of the many things that a footer of a website must have is the logo of the business and a few words to explain the purpose of the business.


Why optimizing a footer is important?

A well-designed footer offers better usability for the website. It fills with essential information that improves its user experience. When you visit a large website, feeling lost is common. At that time, individuals could look up the footer section to navigate the site.


A study has shown that resigning a website footer has increased sales conversion by 27 %. Thus, you can understand how essential it is in the marketing funnel. When we observe our visitors, we notice a specific pattern in their behaviour. Many visitors repeatedly scroll down to the bottom of the web page to find out that one particular link they are looking for. However, it always doesn’t mean that a footer section will have all the links to the web pages. But most of the links are there, and it helps visitors a lot.


Many websites put the same icons in the header and footer sections. Thus, it loses its value and doesn’t offer any specific purpose. It can increase the chance of bounce rate. Investing in a footer provides an opportunity to explain the business even further to the visitors.


If you place too many icons in the header section, it can look overwhelming. Also, most of the visitors prefer only the primary web page links in the header. However, a header often lacks many details about the business. The policies and the permits the business have are essential to showcase to the visitors. Thus, the credibility of the company strengthens. It also shows the transparency that a company practice.


The important features that a well-optimized footer should have:


Now, you know why you should optimise your website footer. But how can you find out whether you need to work on the website footer? Here we have given you a list of all the essential features that a footer section should have.


  1. Logo:

It is one of the essential components to have in the footer section. A unique and creative logo instantly catches audiences’ attention. Rather than trying it for yourself, you can hire some affordable logo design services for your company. Professional logo designers are well aware of the industries. Thus, they can create a better logo that will play a pivotal role in your brand’s image.


  1. Navigation:

Getting lost on a website is a very common thing. If your website has straightforward navigation in its footer section, it helps users immensely. It also works as a safety net when audiences are on the site without any primary purpose. Thus, a business can route its visitors to the other pages of the site to increase the engagement rate.


  1. Contact details:

Correct contact details make a company more trustworthy. Phone numbers, addresses of the physical stores, and hours of operation are a few things that you need to put in the footer section. It provides better clarity of how a business function.


  1. Support:

Customer support is another critical link you must include in the footer section. It will provide how consumer-oriented approach the company offers. During any purchase from the site, if a visitor faces any issue, they can directly contact these help centres.


  1. Copyright, terms of service, and privacy policy:

You are legally required to put this information on your website. It builds the authenticity of your brand.


  1. Company info (i.e. Careers)

You can use the footer section to highlight specific company info. You can add some links to the review page, careers and any other business-related association.


  1. Social media icons:

You can also add social media icons in the website footer section. It encourages visitors to go and check your business’s presence on these platforms. Also, when you insert the social media links in the footer instead of the header, visitors need to scroll through the entire page to reach the links. Thus, a business gets enough time to engage its visitors.


  1. Call-to-action

Call-to-action is a great way to add value to the landing page. It improves the lead generation rate as well. It leaves a positive impact on the visitors.


Final words:

You can call us if you are also looking to redesign the footer section of your website. E-Web Media offers affordable web design in San Francisco services to help businesses in creating a website that catches visitors’ attention. Talk to our executive team directly to know further details.